BGRAPHIC bikes – and a lot actually!

Okay, so the term ”a lot” can obviously mean different things to different people. And there are probably companies that bike even more than us. But we are still proud of our achievements 🙂

Every year in May, the Danish Cyclists’ Federation arranges a campaign called ”We bike to work”. This year BGRAPHIC participated in the campaign, and all our 11 employees have braved the elements and biked to and from work.

And our end results are quite good – at least we think so ourselves:

  • Number of days riding our bike, total: 205 (out of 21 working days in May)
  • Number of days riding our bike, per employee, estimate: 18.64
  • Number of kilometres: 2,900 km
  • Number of kilometres, per employee, estimate: 263.72 km
  • Savings in CO2: 472.85 kg

Most of us ride our bike to work anyway – also all other months of the year. It’s only natural since the BGRAPHIC office is located in the middle of the Copenhagen City Centre. But we’re still proud!

And it has been fun and interesting to show the importance of taking the bike instead of the car – both when it comes to your own health, the money you might save and the effect on the environment.

Maybe you want to join next year? 🙂

20 June 2017