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What we can do for you

BGRAPHIC offers graphic solutions, which are individually customized to each client. Whether you need a completely new design or want to renew you current design; whether you have a tiny project or a huge project; whether you are a company with 500 employees or an eager entrepreneur: we are ready to listen and produce exactly what you need.

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Visual identity

A strong and thoroughly prepared design programme is part of the foundation for your company. The purpose of your visual identity is to support your branding so that you have a visible and consistent company image.

There are many different ways to create a great design. Logo, name, an easily read web address, business strategy and concept.  We create the framework for your communication with your target groups and stakeholders. Your design should create added value and an overall unity, which makes your company appear complete. We help you choose the right plan for you and your company.

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Cap med A i det nye design for Professionshøjskolen Absalon

Cross media solutions

Your brand and your visual identity are the unifying elements of all your material. You need to make a visible and clear connection. And you need to create synergy and dialogue between the different media and platforms.

Sometimes the same design is used on different kinds of material. Maybe the material is created for both a video, a brochure and merchandise. Or maybe it needs to be created both for web and for print.

We advice you about the best ways for your product to reach your specific target group. Whether it is through printed material to distribute, an online campaign or on a conference.

We devise the perfect concept for you and design solutions that work on all the necessary platforms.

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Print media might be on the way to being replaced by digital solutions. It is our experience that most things printed are only on a small print run, but a piece of printed matter still has its advantages. It can help reach your target group in many different ways.

We still love the smell of printer’s ink. We can draw up printed matter in an array of formats, just let us know what you need. We have close working relations with printers, which enables us to ensure a quality product. We are experts in stocking, distribution and logistics, and particularly delivery on time. That is something we firmly believe in! And we always make it!

Several of our prints are displayed at

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Web and social media

Your website and social media need to support your business, your company and your message. We help you get started with information architecture, attractive design and well-functioning solutions which fit your needs and wishes.

A website should be easy to navigate. Visitors should be able to find what they need easily. They should be left with a feeling of wanting to return to the site in the future. Your website needs to be responsive, which means that it is optimized and looks great on both desktop, tablet and smartphone. When your website is up and running you can make yourself visible on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. We create a strategy for you – how to get started and how to maintain both your website and social media sites.

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Digital media

It is a must to be present digitally. Your company will be able to address a wider audience and reach new audiences. For instance using film and video, using Word and PowerPoint templates and using electronic newsletters and e-books.

We design templates in InDesign or in the Microsoft Office software, which enables you to create your own publications in a great and uniform design – and we are of course ready to help you further if you need us to.

We are experienced in drawing up publications which are specifically fitted to the web – focusing especially on the sizes of elements on the page.

Furthermore, we have lots of experience creating film, video and animation – both for websites, campaigns and social media.

And we draw up everything from electronic newsletters and banner ads over e-books and PDFs for e-publishing to PowerPoint presentations, Prezi presentations and infographics for all your digital platforms.

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Illustration fra Infografik om handicap og folketingsvalg for Institut for Menneskerettigheder

Fairs and exhibitions

It's important that you reach your audience with your conference, exhibition or fair stand. At that your stand conveys professionalism and clearly signifies who you and your company are and what you stand for.

We are strategic – we think in target audience, possibilities and themes of a conference. Are you attending a job fair and need to “sell” your company to potential new employees? Or are you informing interested parties or citizens?

Fair and exhibition stands may consist of a variety of elements, for instance roll up-banners, standing tables, presentations on screens and podiums. You might want activities and effects, such as lights, buttons or virtual reality headset.

We have experience in developing creative solutions in small, medium and large. So we’re ready to help figure out the best solution for you.

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