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Reports focussing on social inequality in health


The Danish Health Authority has published two new reports concerning social inequality in health. The reports focus on differences in Danes’ health and illnesses as well as on efforts contributing to how municipalities, regions and state promote more equality in health.

BGRAPHIC has developed design for both reports, which among other things entails a lot of figures and tables.

The reports were published at a webinar, hosted by the Danish Health Authority on 2 September. Please find the webinar and the reports on the Danish Health Authority’s website:


The annual report season is upon us!

Spring means brighter days and warmer weather – and annual reports!

We have just received a copy of the annual report from Sund & Bælt! Doesn’t it look great?

BGRAPHIC designs many annual reports and report templates, and in that way we help make the heavy publications beautiful to look at and easier to grasp :-)