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Check out the new PrintoNyt

Have a look at PrinfoNyt with the latest news from Prinfo. BGRAPHIC has several cases in the magazine – check out the new design programme for the State Employer’s Authority on page 6, logo and design for Offentlig Lederuddannelse on page 8 and design for the Labour Market Commission on page 9.

We wish you a great summer with lots of sun and relaxation. We are on summer vacation and BGRAPHIC will be closed for two weeks from July 20 to July 31. We will be back refreshed and ready to work again in August.

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Enjoy your summer!

Check out the new PrinfoNyt

In BGRAPHIC and in Prinfo, we act responsible and keep our focus on the environment and on accountability. As one of the leading companies in the Danish communication business, Prinfo has achieved a Forest Stewardship Council–FSC-certification.

Prinfo is also about to be certified with PEFC-certification (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes). Learn much more about our thoughts on the environment in the magazine PrinfoNyt.

Don’t forget to take a look at the article on page 8: Vel-lyk-ket! BGRAPHIC has developed the design and concept for the conference: God undervisning – vel-lyk-ket integration (Good teaching – Successful integration).

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Check out the new PrinfoNyt

PrinfoNyt No 1.2008 has been published.

We are proud to show you a lot of great examples of solutions by Prinfo for our clients throughout the country. Please have a look at the article on page 6 on ‘Patent på troværdighed’ (Patent in credibility). The article is about the company Plougmann &Vingtoft, and BGRAPHIC has drawn up the new design.

We wish you happy reading!

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Check out the new PrinfoNyt

Much of our focus is on public companies and we have design solutions to assignments on the agreement with the National Procurement Ltd. (SKI-aftalen). Read the article on pages 8-9 about the Danish Agency for Governmental Management’s new design programme. It is developed by BGRAPHIC.

Enjoy :-)

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Check out the new PrinfoNyt

Creativity is blossoming and we have a continuous focus on the environment. Have a look at the article on pages 6-7 about BGRAPHIC’s design development for the best law firm in Denmark, Bech-Bruun.

We wish you happy reading :-)

Read PrinfoNyt, 01.2007 here