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New partner in BGRAPHIC

Kathrine Raunkjær has become a partner in BGRAPHIC, and has simultaneously been appointed design manager in BGRAPHIC.

Prior to this, Kathrine was employed in several Danish design companies – the last two years with BGRAPHIC and earlier with Jakob Kühnel, Bysted and Ole Søndergaard. Kathrine has a wealth of experience in developing design and communication solutions as well as visual identities for a series of public and private companies throughout the country.

Kathrine’s expertise in design is visible in a wide range of impressive projects – elegant and classic in print as well as innovative and effortless when it comes to digital web solutions.

BGRAPHIC ApS is now owned 85 % by managing director Birgitte Vestergaard and 15 % by design manager Kathrine Raunkjær.

“We complement each other and look forward to working together on a lot of new and interesting assignments. Together with our skilled staff, we plan to work with a high level of energy and a sharp focus on the continuous positive development of BGRAPHIC,” says managing director Birgitte Vestergaard.

Please contact Birgitte Vestergaard on +45 70 22 87 89 if you wish to know more about BGRAPHIC.

Kind regards,
Birgitte Vestergaard
Managing director

BGRAPHIC is now a partner in Prinfo

BGRAPHIC has been admitted as a partner in Prinfo.

Because of this, we are now able to offer our public clients solutions to SKI-assignments via PrinfoDenmark’s framework agreement with the National Procurement Ltd. (SKI).

Prinfo is the largest graphical business chain in Denmark. Prinfo has capabilities in design, web solutions, marketing, printing and so much more.