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Moving out


A 1000 thanks!

What a lot of people – amazing that you all stopped by!

Thanks awfully to all of you for the beautiful flowers, lovely presents and kind words – and in general, all the wonderful support that we have received. Both on our day of celebration and in our daily work. We all had a great day at our housewarming, and we hope you did too.

We look forward to continue working with all of you in the future. We promise to keep working hard with you all :-)

Best regards,

BGRAPHIC housewarming 1 June 2006

Please stop by and check out our new beautiful office. You are invited to our housewarming on Thursday 1 June 2006. We hope that you will want to come and celebrate with us.

Our new address is: BGRAPHIC, Amagertorv 19, first floor, DK-1160 Copenhagen K.

We look forward to seeing you :-)

Best regards,

BGRAPHIC is moving to a bigger office

The space is now too confined. Our folders take up a lot of space and boxes are stashed under all our tables. Every inch is in use. Now is the time. We have rented 250 square metres on the first floor in the house of Lilly. The address is Amagertorv 19, first floor. It is going to be wonderful to get a bit of air again.

We are moving over Easter. That means we are only closed one day: Wednesday 12 April 2006. Tuesday after Easter we are once again ready on our Macs.

We cannot wait for the extra space. The office has been renovated and it is beautiful. We have three French double doors opening up to Strøget, so now we are just waiting for the Queen to have a procession on Strøget – we will be right at eye level :-)

We look forward to greeting you at our new office. Please stop by and have a look.

BGRAPHIC housewarming 7 June 2002

You are invited to BGRAPHIC’s housewarming Friday 7 June 2002 at 2pm-6pm. We look forward to seeing clients, contractors, business partners, family and friends of the house.

We are very happy with our new office at Amagertorv. Please stop by and help warm up the place and check out what we have done. Doors open at 2pm. Come and party with us! We look forward to seeing you :-)

Best regards,

BGRAPHIC is moving out

As of 15 February 2002, BGRAPHIC has a new address: Amagertorv 15, DK-1160 Copenhagen K.

We are on the third floor in the same house as Mads Nørgaard – right on Strøget. 100 wonderful square metres are ready for us.

It has been a flying start for BGRAPHIC. From day one, there have been a load of assignments to work on, and we still have much to do. It has been so interesting and amazing to create graphic solutions for so many great clients. So now I have decided that it is time to move out.

Please stop by and check out our new office. I am very proud of it. It is such a pleasure to work in the middle of Copenhagen city centre.