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New communications consultant and project manager at BGRAPHIC

From 1 Septemper 2014, we have a new employee – someone we alredy know! Cathrine, who has worked for us as student help for many years, has been employed at BGRAPHIC as a communications consultant and project manager. So now she’s gonna be here every day!

Cathrine has a Master’s degree in Psychology of Language, a Bachelor’s degree in English and has had courses in journalism. This has given her a keen eye for everything concerning communication, and we are looking forward to benefiting from all her competencies.

Cathrine will be working on BGRAPHIC’s communication, communication counselling and project management. We are very excited about the new teamwork – welcome!

We increase the experience – and the average age is once again going up!

We welcome Maria Knappe, who has been hired as a graphic designer at BGRAPHIC as of 1 May 2014.

Maria has many years of experience and has been self-employed for the past 17 years. Maria has a keen graphic eye and is great at developing concepts, design and art direction. With great care and accuracy, Maria has already begun working on several assignments here with us.

We are happy to have Maria joining the BGRAPHIC team – she will be a great asset for us, our clients and our business partners. And of course, we are happy to help out Maria’s clients and network.

Maria, Kathrine and Birgitte used to work together at Bysted A/S. As it happens, Birgitte had an internship with Maria at Zangenberg & Lembourn in the 80s. In 1994, Birgitte was hired by Maria at Bysted … and now Birgitte is hiring Maria at BGRAPHIC – and so the wheel has come full circle. We are excited to work together again.

Love, Birgitte & Kathrine

The average age in BGRAPHIC is going down!

This week, we welcome Rasmus to our BGRAPHIC team.

Rasmus Kvist is the new media graphic designer trainee at BGRAPHIC. We are looking forward to teaching him loads about graphic design – and probably get a ton of new ideas from him :-)

New employee at BGRAPHIC

BGRAPHIC has a new employee and his name is Jesper Winther!

Jesper is skilful and has extensive experience within the field of both print and web design. Former employers are for instance Umloud Untd and Bysted.

We welcome Jesper and look forward to join forces with him in the future!