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Have a great summer!


BGRAPHIC wishes all clients, business partners and friends a terrific summer!

We hope, you’ll all enjoy a wonderful summer: staycation – together but apart – when Denmark is at its best from south to north. Let’s relax and spend time with family and friends :-)

We’re recharging our batteries, and then we’re ready again in August :-) Enjoyyyyy!

We are closed for the holiday between 13th and 31st July. If you need design help, please give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89, and we’ll find a solution :-)

Have a lovely summer everyone! :-)


Happy Easter from BGRAPHIC

We are looking forward to a lovely Easter holiday – separately together. It is challenging times we experience with the coronavirus. Luckily we are able to work on our assignments from each of our homes. It is working really well. If you need any kind of design help and assistance, we are more than happy to help you and your company. We do all that we can to keep Denmark and the world busy. We wish you Happy Holidays 😊

Happy Easter to aaaaaaall 😊


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Vacation time!!! :-)

BGRAPHIC is on vacation! We are closed from 11 July to 29 July. Monday 1 August, we are once again ready to create awesome design solutions :-) We hope you’ll all have a wonderful summer holiday. Don’t forget to eat at least one ice cream every day – it’s important to keep cool :-)