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Danish Evaluation Institute


New publications with a new design


During the past months, we have developed a new design to all publications, tools and presentations for EVA, the Danish Evaluation Institute.

Developing a new design always happens in dialogue with the client. Together, we look at the challenges and the wishes. We research the market, the competition and design trends – and then we listen. Based on all of this, we develop a design, which develops the client’s brand, which is inspired by the current design trends and customized to the recipients – and of course to how EVA wishes to communicate and appear as a company. All in all, it is an important update of the brand identity and the visual look, which supports the company strategy and development.

New initiatives, new design

The new design has been well received by the employees at EVA – and it supports the communications assignment that lies within all EVA’s products and tools. EVA always aims to improve and optimise its communication using all relevant communication channels. They are active on different social media sites and meet their target groups, where they are. This is a great way to work, and ensures great results for EVA.

Read more about the design solutions – and check out photos in our case