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Have a great summer!


BGRAPHIC wishes all clients, business partners and friends a terrific summer!

We hope, you’ll all enjoy a wonderful summer: staycation – together but apart – when Denmark is at its best from south to north. Let’s relax and spend time with family and friends :-)

We’re recharging our batteries, and then we’re ready again in August :-) Enjoyyyyy!

We are closed for the holiday between 13th and 31st July. If you need design help, please give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89, and we’ll find a solution :-)

Have a lovely summer everyone! :-)


Summer vacation – closed for two weeks 13-24 July

Although the Danish weather doesn’t quite give it away, summer is upon us, and we’re gonna enjoy it and relax! That means that BGRAPHIC is closed from 13th to 24th July, and then we’re back and ready to design a bunch of beautiful and interesting solutions again! Have an amazing summer :-)