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New SKI-agreement as of 1 April 2009

BGRAPHIC has once again been chosen as a supplier on the new SKI-agreement.

Thus, we are still able to offer our public clients a solution on SKI-assignments via PrinfoDenmark’s framework agreement with the National Procurement Ltd. (SKI). The new agreement becomes effective as of 1 April 2009.

BGRAPHIC and the PrinfoDenmark consortium will be able to make design solutions in the following areas:

PR and communication service
Services for advertising agencies
Visual communication and identity
Websites and electronic publication
Print and revision
Copy, print and large-scale
Facility management

Prinfo is the largest graphical business chain in Denmark. Prinfo has competencies within design, web solutions, marketing, printing and so much more.

Please contact Birgitte Vestergaard or Kristian Skaarup on +45 70 22 87 89 if you would like more information on the SKI-agreement and to hear how BGRAPHIC can help you.

We look forward to making more design solutions for our public clients :-)