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How we work

It’s simple. We communicate. Together we set the framework for your project, what needs to be drawn up, and how best to help you. You will quickly feel that your project is making progress, so please contacts us for a meeting or a non binding offer on +45 70 22 87 89.

BGRAPHICs kontor på Amagertorv 19

Our solutions

In many cases our clients know exactly what they want and when placing an order they expect a great solution. This is what they get, but they also get so much more.

Usually, you will receive several suggestions to one solution. This is because there can be many options, and the right solution may come in different shapes. We ask, we test, we check, we look at rivals, we are inspired by your wishes and we tie together all the threads into one complete solution. It can support a new strategy. Perhaps a new business opportunity for you. Or it can deliver a message clear and simple. We bring ideas and a variety of options. You will end up with a solution that you love – and that works.

Our methods

We scale our assignments to your needs. We have carefully crafted solutions, however large or small. We are able to divide a process, a website or a campaign into stages and we adapt our solutions to fit your budget. Strong design and great communication do not need to cost the earth.

Consideration of our clients is fundamental to our work. We ask you about the assignment in order to really understand your needs and your desired message. Once we get it, we will be able to design the right solution. As a result of this, your customers and shareholders will get the message you are trying to put across. It is not just about creating a good image. Information should be built up so that there is a clear and concise narrative behind. This makes the solution authentic, believable and a great means of branding.  Our way of thinking is strong, visionary and coherent.

New clients

Do you need a skilled design company that can help you with your assignments whether large or small? We are always happy to take on new clients. Give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89 if you need any help.

We have great respect for your design. We are able to maintain it, develop it or create a whole new design for you. We ensure that the design supports your company’s branding and is an effective tool in promoting your business.

Even a small assignment is of great importance to you and your company. It may be that this one assignment is able to tie a number of things together. It may ensure development while helping to set and reach new goals. We start out exactly where you need us to, and then we can work together and expand on ideas to suit your company’s needs – together we can make it happen. We look forward to hearing from you! Give us a call on +45 70 22 87 89 or e-mail

Our clients

We appreciate all our clients. We have an even share of private and public clients – including ministries, agencies and organisations. Our clients are unique and have different needs and challenges. We divide them into three groups.

We have many large businesses among our clients – and many of them almost see us as their in-house design company. We work with their design – maintain it and develop it.

We often deliver a complete service for medium-sized businesses. They do not need other business partners – we can meet all their needs.

For entrepreneurs and small businesses, we often create starter packs: drawing up the name, logo, website and business cards. We are able to help with just the right kind of marketing that a newly started company needs. We are of course still available to help when the company grows and the need for new design tasks arise.

Here’s the entire list of our clients

Logo, Patienten i Centrum

What our clients say about us

We like our clients and we enjoy working with them. Often, our clients say nice things about us. We gather those words right here.

If you are one of our clients, we would love to hear your thoughts about working with us. E-mail us on

Elsebeth Nielsen, Scriptwriter,
“Creating your own website is quite the journey. You want to present yourself to the world, and during the process you get to tidy up not only your business concept, but also your past, your future etc. It’s an emotional process.

When it comes to the design, BGRAPHIC has hit a home run, because you have listened to my wishes and managed to convert those wishes into something tangible. You have guided me and taught me the technical stuff such as updating the site, and you have done so in a detailed, timely and patient manner, which has made me feel safe.

All in all, you have listened and seen me, right from the first inspiring meetings. You have been present and you have been there for me and that is simply priceless.

Now I have a website that I am very happy with – and besides, I must add that it is always a pleasure to visit BGRAPHIC, because you immediately feel welcome as you are greeted in a warm, casual and professional manner.

I hope that we’ll continue working together – thank you very much!”

Stanley Nnamani, Managing director of Basic Rengøring,
“BGRAPHIC has helped me create a clear and uniform identity for my company. Not only one product, but the whole lot: logo, website and business cards. The identity is designed to fit me and who I am, and at the same time it ensures that my company looks professional.

The employees at BGRAPHIC are amazing at guiding you and developing strong design solutions – and the service has been great and efficient throughout the entire process.”

Nina Thestrup Wulff, Head of Brand at Øresundsbro Konsortiet,
“Over the years, it has been a great pleasure to work with BGRAPHIC. Birgitte is incredibly dedicated, creative and positive – and she has an amazing drive. With great insight and presence, Birgitte is able to understand the customer’s needs, which have made her a valued partner in design and graphic solutions. Birgitte delivers smart and intelligent solutions of high quality, and the team behind BGRAPHIC is always willing to go the extra mile – and always on time. The tone is always informal, warm and professional with a level of service and flexibility beyond the ordinary.“

Michael Ulvedal Bjelke, film photographer:
“Excellent work at AquaFeet!”

Mette Fjording, Head of Secretariat at Diakonissestiftelsen,
“At Birgitte’s, everything is possible. Birgitte delivers on time and of a high quality. She knows her craft, and is very professional when it comes to idea generation, design and project management. At Birgitte’s, you are in really great hands!”

Read our B10 magazine from our 10th birthday at Rundetårn 01.10.2010:B10_magasin_stor In the magazine, you find interviews with our clients and portrait interviews of Kathrine and Birgitte. We had a lovely day at Rundetårn :-) Read the B10 magazine here