The Danish Coastal Authority

Important communication assignment regarding coastal protection

BGRAPHIC has developed nine videos for The Danish Coastal Authority, which is a part of Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark. The videos illustrate different coastal protection methods, for instance groynes, rubble mound breakwaters and revetments. The nine videos are part of a teaching material for employees in Danish municipalities, who are assigned to work with – and therefore needs to be informed about – coastal protection methods.

BGRAPHIC has developed design and storyboards for the videos. The videos have a simple isometric illustration style, making sure all elements are clear and easy to grasp. Storyboards are developed in close cooperation with experts from The Danish Coastal Authority in order to make sure, the content is consistent with the actual coastal conditions.

The animation is in 3D in order to best illustrate movement of water and sand and thus the effect of different coastal protection methods. The animation is created in great teamwork with Cadpeople.
Illustration til video for Kystdirektoratet