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Make your messages appear stronger using video!

Video has a unique way of catching the attention, explaining your messages in a easy manner and ensuring that your target audience will have an easier time remembering you.

We have great experience creating a variety of presentation videos and explainer videos. Here are a few examples of the videos, that we have designed for our clients.


A great story regarding hygiene for employees in child day care

The Danish Health Authority wants to focus on correct and great hygiene in child day care – both for children and adults.

In that regard, BGRAPHIC – in collaboration with MadeClear – has developed storyboard and graphic elements and well as produced three short films dealing with the topics arrangement of and cleaning the changing unit, hygiene during a diaper change and washing hands with children.




Fast-paced course that helps students at their own schools

Rambøll has developed material for a 14-day fast-paced course for 8th grade students for the Ministry of Education. The students are taught by their own teachers, and the course helps students prepare for education.

In cooperation with MadeClear, BGRAPHIC has produced a video with information and interviews. The intent is to attract schools and convince them to try and implement the fast-paced courses.



The Light Rail job has begun…

Building the Greater Copenhagen Light Rail causes changes in public traffic, and the citizens should naturally be informed of those changes.

BGRAPHIC has developed storyboard and graphics for videos to information screens in the busses. A special focus has been on communicating the message of the videos without sound and in an environment with many distractions. MadeClear did the animation.



High level of service 24/7

When new students arrive at University College Copenhagen, they need to learn a million new things.

In collaboration with p-inline, BGRAPHIC has developed a campaign with e.g. a number of small videos informing students of where to get help 24/7 – at “Basen” at school and in the app “Basen 24/7”. The videos were displayed on information screens and on social media.



The principal reaches everyone

When University College Absalon got a new name, principal Camilla Wang reached out in a video – which spread via email, website and social media – and told the story of the new name and new logo to all employees and students at all six campuses.

The video is developed by BGRAPHIC in close cooperation with the communications department at Absalon and MadeClear. It was made in two versions – one with Danish subtitles and one with English subtitles in order to optimise the video to social media and to reach international students.



Get started working with NemSkabelon

The transport authority Movia has a self-service tool, NemSkabelon, which enables employees at municipalities to create their own communication to citizens regarding public transport.

In this connection, BGRAPHIC has designed a presentation video, which – in an easy and clear manner informs the users of the possibilities when using NemSkabelon. Speak and animation by Imprezzing.

Check out an example of one of the explainer videos we created regarding using NemSkabelon (video in Danish)



Buy your bus or train ticket via text message

Movia has many services they need to inform their customers about.

BGRAPHIC has produces a number of explainer videos to different services, among others how to buy tickets for public transport via text message. Depending on the media, the videos are produces with or without sound. Cadpeople did the animation.

Check out an explainer video regarding Journey Planner (video in Danish)

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