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Vestforbrænding – Waste Campaign

There's money in waste and waste sorting

Vestforbrænding is Denmark’s largest waste management company. They create solutions in the waste management field, work to minimise wastage and pollution, and consider waste as a resource – in the 19 municipalities that are Vestforbrænding’s owners.

BGRAPHIC has designed campaign material for four municipalities: Vallensbæk, Ishøj, Furesø and Ballerup – thus ensuring that the citizens are well informed with regards to waste sorting and recycling. The idea behind the municipalities working together is to save money by optimising waste collection by letting the garbage trucks drive across municipality borders.

How do you develop new habits?
It’s never easy developing new habits, so the aim of the campaign is both to encourage, inform and help citizens understand that waste sorting is important – both in regard to the environment and the costs of handling waste. And then we all have to understand that there’s actually money in recycling. If waste is properly sorted, we’ll be able to recycle much more than we think in creating new products and purposes.

Several steps in the campaign
The campaign contains the following initiatives: A letter containing a leaflet informing the citizens of the campaign and the importance of waste sorting. Furthermore, all households have received new waste bins with better sorting possibilities. We have also designed a leaflet and a sorting guide – both aiming to inspire and help citizens, and to make waste sorting as manageable as possible. All citizens have received labels with icons of the various kinds of waste – it makes waste sorting easy, both inside and outside the house.

The campaign material is developed in a new and elegant design. Our focus has been to develop a lasting design, which the users don’t mind looking at every day when handling their waste sorting. It should make sense for all citizens: young, elderly, different nationalities, the waste sorting enthusiasts … and those who don’t like change … because it does take up space to have three waste bins on your property. On the other hand, you don’t have to go to the recycling centre as much. Lastly, it’s important that the campaign material is interesting and clear for the users to learn about recycling and wanting to help minimise wastage and pollution by sorting their waste.

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