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Velzeet – Visual Identity and Startup Package

Logo and visual identity for Velzeet – a startup with an interesting recycling concept for baby clothes

Are you passionate about recycling and stylish clothes for the babies in your life? What if you could pick, rent or subscribe to baby clothes at a reasonable price? So that you always have the baby clothes you need, in the right size, because you return the pieces of clothes and get new ones as the baby grow.

Velzeet’s ambition is to make baby clothes more environmentally friendly. Through subscriptions for recycled clothes in clean and good condition, Velzeet aims at reducing the need for production of new textiles and thereby reduce the strain on the environment.

BGRAPHIC has designed the logo and visual identity, business cards as well as Word and PowerPoint templates in order to give Velzeet a smooth and professional startup process. We look forward to following Velzeet and their great project. It is always a pleasure to help new companies start up.

“BGRAPHIC has been great at understanding our wishes and needs and to challenge us. Not just regarding ‘look and feel’, but also by making us think even harder about our business model and customer experience. It has been very inspiring working with BGRAPHIC; the combination of an analytic and a creative thought proces has been very convincing.

We are very happy about the end result. We have not yet gone live, but the people who have already seen our logo all love it!”

– Jonas Bonne, Head of Operations

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