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University College Absalon – Logo and Visual Identity

Significant logo for great educational establishment

1 August 2017, University College Zealand has changed their name to University College Absalon (PHA) in order to have a more significant name that describes their educations and supports their profile.

The Danish archbishop Absalon was an important figure on Zealand. He represented the pragmatic, education, culture and an international vision. And University College Absalon very much represents this by being the largest educational establishment in the region with educations in many cities throughout the region.

The new name creates a need for a new logo. BGRAPHIC has designed a new logo and a visual identity, which is significant, informal, playing and has a clear reference to college life. Our focus has been to create a logo and a design which is easily recognisable – in a phase where a new name is introduced among students and the public.

The visual identity is present on signage, campaign material, ads, publications, PowerPoint, correspondence material etc. PowerPoint and publications are developed as templates in Word, so PHA’s employees can create material in the new design.

In cooperation with PHA, BGRAPHIC has developed a plan for the launch of the new identity for both employees and students. The campaign continued for a few days, where first employees and later students and the public were introduced to the news. The launch was a video of the principal, merchandise and visibility on social media in order to draw attention to the name change and the new visual identity. University College Absalon has received positive feedback on the new name, both from students and employees.


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