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UCC – Communication and Design Assistance

Clear communication when starting school

In the summer of 2016, UCC – University College Capital – has merged all their Copenhagen-based educations and moved them all to the new Campus Carlsberg on Vesterbro. Moving and mergers are often accompanied by many changes and challenges.

When radical changes occur, it’s very important that everyone knows the plan: what is going to change, when is it changing, and how is it changing? And this goes for both employees, teachers and students. In that context, BGRAPHIC has assisted Susanne Østergaard from p-inline with communication and design solutions.

BGRAPHIC has developed ideas and done copywriting on website, intranet, in letters and emails for teachers and students in connection to starting their education. Furthermore, we have gathered all the information – which students and teachers need when they are at UCC – in a digital FAQ, which Basen, the help desk at UCC, use in their daily work.

Additionally, the new location has called for information signage concerning IT equipment, printers etc. The design of the signage is created to match the wayfinding system at UCC, which is part of the visual identity of UCC.

It has been interesting to be part of creating a joint and uniform communication for the great variety of educations and education cultures, which are now gathered in a modern, new campus.

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