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The Fehmarnbelt Fixed Link – VVM Report

The greatest VVM investigation ever in Denmark

Since 2009, Femern A/S has worked on what might be the greatest VVM in Danish history – in Danish, VVM stands for Environmental Impact Assessment. From 2011, BGRAPHIC has had a hand in the VVM report by way of designing a variety of reports – and on 28 June the 18 months long assignment was finished.

We have designed a summary report with 192 pages and several covers for reports and visualisation appendixes. Furthermore, we designed an advanced Word template that is divided into sections of 32 main and sub chapters, which ensures that the individual Word documents are not too heavy to work in.

Femern A/S has done all the writing, and BGRAPHIC has helped format the texts in Word as well as delivering advanced infographics, maps and chapter pages with beautiful photos. Furtermore, we have advised Femern A/S on topics such as document structuring, project management and production management.

The programming in Word is prepared by SkabelonDesign.

It has been an extremely interesting project for BGRAPHIC to take part in. We are proud of being able to contribute and advise on one of the greatest intrastructure projects in Denmark. All reports are available to download as PDF files on


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