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Sund & Bælt – PowerPoint Template

Template with a variety of slides and beautiful bridge photos

BGRAPHIC has designed a PowerPoint template for Sund & Bælt – the company that is responsible for the subsidiaries A/S Storebælt, A/S Øresund, Sund & Bælt Partner A/S, A/S Femern Landanlæg, Femern A/S and BroBizz A/S. The template will be used for corporate presentations – both for internal purposes and for partners.

The template contains a wide variety of slides, which ensures that every employee can easily compose the ideal presentation for a specific assignment. Furthermore, it is easy to change between the logos of the subsidiary companies depending on who the sender is.

Photos of Sund & Bælt’s bridges, tunnels and employees give the presentations an impressive look and present Sund & Bælt in a professional manner.


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