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Rambøll – Publication Design to FGU

Tool to help young people find their way

All young people under the age of 25 that have not attended secondary education (in Denmark refered to as a youth education) must finish an education or get a job. That is one of the goals of the Ministry of Children and Education.

FGU – Preparatory Basic Education and Training – is intended to ready young people for an education or a job. You choose between three entries: general basic education, basic production education og basic vocational education. The education pays particular attention to – and accepts – individual needs, competencies and challenges.

BGRAPHIC’s design
For Rambøll, we have developed a design universe for publications regarding FGU. The design is based on the design of the Ministry of Children and Education, and within these design guidelines, we have created illustrations and infographics specifically to FGU. Among other things, we have created the infographic “Young people’s way into FGU”, which illustrates and explains the sometimes complicated process of getting into FGU and the choices you can choose between within FGU. Another example is the illustrations of the three personas Oliver, Malou and Amin, who in case texts personify potential students at FGU, and who ask the questions that many potential students might ask when looking into FGU.

The publications are developed to two different target group audiences: One for the young people considering attending FGU and their parents, and one for the employees at FGU and administrative employees, who need to be able to guide the young people and assess whether or not FGU is the solution for the specific person.

Besides the two publications, we have created a number of themed folders to the employees at FGU. All publications are tools to ensure that the FGU centres are off to a good start.

Find the material on the Ministry of Children and Education’s website

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