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MT Højgaard – Fair Stand

Presenting an attractive place to work

Every spring, Technical University of Denmark has a job and carreer fair. BGRAPHIC has designed a stand for MT Højgaard for the fair.

MT Højgaard is an ambitious company and an attractive place to work. The goal of the exhibition stand is to attract some of the best engineer students with regard to internships or employment at the company. For this reason, it’s important to have a professional and sensational stand.

BGRAPHIC has designed an unconventional stand which clearly stands out at the fair – both physically high and innovative with its many photos of MT Højgaard’s projects.

At the stand, MT Højgaard shows how they use the digital tools BIM and VDC to plan and optimise their projects, before the actual construction starts. Guests at the stand were able to take a visual trip with 3D glasses on.

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