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Ministry of Health – Infographic and Video

Genetic information: How is it used and why?

In connection with a bill on a National Genome Centre, BGRAPHIC has developed concept for an infographic, handouts and a video for the Ministry of Health. The infographic explains how knowledge on patients’ genetics might improve treatment plans. This applies e.g. for the cancer area – and the potential is great within many different disease areas.

The project has developed gradually as the public debate uncovered new needs for the Ministry of Health to present its messages in a clear and easily read manner.

Grith Enemark from the National Genome Centre says:

“We used BGRAPHIC in connection with a legislative process, where conditions change quickly. The law on the National Genome Centre is complicated and thus difficult to communicate in an accessible manner. Therefore, we wanted an easily read infographic what would explain an otherwise complicated process. 

Throughout the assignment, BGRAPHIC’s employees were very flexible and fast paced, and they showed a great understanding of the political work. They managed to transform the complicated into something tangible and humane – and we have benefitted greatly from the infographic in various communication contexts, because it explains a process, that is otherwise difficult to explain.”

Grith Enemark, Head of Communications, the National Genome Centre.

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