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Ministry of Children and Education – Subject’s Folders 2019

Sharp and professional effort, when folders to all subjects in school are to be published

The Ministry of Children and Education has published folders with new content and design for the more than 30 subjects in school. Each subject has a package containing: Common Objectives (Fælles Mål), which are the national objectives for the subject, Curricula, which further explain Common Objectives and describe the subject developments, and Descriptions of the educational development. All subject’s folders are developed in a printed version and a web version. The web versions can be found on

BGRAPHIC has developed a new design to the entire package – based on the visual identity of the Ministry of Children and Education. The subject’s folders are uniform in composition and professional in expression and readability – ensuring that teachers have the same experience no matter the publication they read. The collective material is quite extensive, so it has been vital – both concerning editorial work and the work of creating layout to the more than 100 publications – that the design is well thought out, and that it takes differences in content into consideration as well as accessibility and using the material in practice.

For several of the folders, we have created icons and infographics to help structure the content and to clarify processes and statements.

This has been a huge assignment, so every design decision – also concerning our internal workflow – had to be right from the beginning. With great teamspirit and cooperation with the Ministry of Children and Education, the subject’s folders are all professional, uniform and of a high level.

Read more and check out the folders on

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