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Marine Ingredients – Website

Web design with stylish infographics and great overview

BGRAPHIC has developed design for the new, responsive website for Marine Ingredients. The website raises the company’s branding and makes it easy to communicate with both the surrounding world and members. Marine Ingredients have beautiful photos, and BGRAPHIC has created illustrative infographics for the various topics on the site.

Furthermore, the infographics are used in the company’s PowerPoint presentations – thus creating a strong connection between all communication and visual identity in front of stakeholders.

Marine Ingredients informs interested parties of new knowledge, events, reviews etc. The news are visible on the front page in a box design which ensures a great overview. There is also a Twitter feed on the front page – and Marine Ingredients are great at posting and thereby keeping their followers updated on the maritime world.

Marine Ingredients represents the producers of fishmeal and fish oil in the Kingdom of Denmark. The Danish Industry is the leading producer in Europe and number seven globally.

We have had a great teamwork on launching this site, and now Marine Ingredients have a stylish and inviting look. At the same time Marine Ingredients has a strong, digital tool, which is an important part of their daily communication.

Check out the website at

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