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Logo and Visual Identity for Working Environment Exhibition Tent

Focus on young people's working environment

Young people between 18 and 29 years old have a significantly higher risk of work-related accidents than the rest of the Danish population, and it’s important to think about early prevention, for instance learning about working environment during youth and further education. For that reason and for the first time, the Working Environment Council and three trade communities for working environment have participated in the Youth Democracy Festival in Copenhagen in September 2019.

BGRAPHIC has helped the Working Environment Council develop an exhibition tent for the conference. A place to create awareness of young people’s working environment, best and worst working experiences and to inform about what to be aware of in a spare time job or when starting your first full-time job.

The assignment has been to attract and inform young people, who might not otherwise show much interest in working environment. We have created logo and a visual identity that combines photos and graphic elements in strong colours.

Furthermore, we have designed back wall, roll up banner, best and worst working experiences-cards, t-shirts and sign for the exhibition tent.

At the exhibition tent, they held two workshops for approx. 100 young people from high schools and colleges. They had elastic bands workouts and the possibility of trying on an “aging suit” – a costume that made the wearer feel 30 to 40 years older. On the best and worst cards, the young people could write good and bad working experiences, and the cards were then hung at the exhibition tent. It helped draw attention to both the exhibition tent and working environment in general.

The Working Environment Council advices the Minister of Employment on current issues relating to working environment, on possible improvements and the challenges present on Danish workplaces. The trade communities for working environment support workplaces with information and guidance regarding working environment.

Read more about the conference, the Working Environment Council and the trade communities at and


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