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Lærdansk and Integrationsnet – Identity and Websites

New design ensures great overview on courses and offers

Lærdansk and Integrationsnet are a part of The Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Therefore, their identities should be connected to DRC, but at the same time they should have a unique look.

BGRAPHIC has drawn up a new identity and a new design on especially the websites, but also on a Word template for product sheets, a folder, a stand for conferences and ads.

The design has added more colours to the colour palette, which helps ensure a present look, and the webdesign is responsive which ensures that both websites look great on desktop, tablet and smartphone.

The new structure on the websites creates a great overview of what Lærdansk and Integrationsnet have to offer. At the same time, the websites are optimised in regards to keywords and search engine optimisation (SEO). For the daily user, the websites are now logical and easy to move around on.

Check out the design on and


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