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Konsulentgruppen Strandgade – Visual Identity and Website

Modern web design that highlights the consultants' strong qualifications

The consultants working at the consultant company Strandgade are experts on facility management and assist their clients in implementing projects such as effectivity projects, organisation and process optimisation within facility management, digitisation and IT.

In cooperation with Strandgade, BGRAPHIC has renewed the visual identity, and we have done a logo brush up. The aim has been to develop better digital tools – both in the shape of Word and PowerPoint templates and of a new website, which can easily be updated with new cases.

Within the new design, we have also added new colours to the visual identity.

The new identity presents itself on a PowerPoint template, a letter and a brief template in Word, email signature as well as website. On the website – besides a new, great looking design – our focus has been to update the content and the structure in order to create a professional website that looks great on both smaller and larger screens. And in both design and structure we have thought of search engine optimisation in order for the website to have the highest possible ranking in Google searches. The website presents Strandgade as a very competent and professional business partner with very talented consultants.

Photos on the website are by photographer Søren Rønholt.

Check out the new design at

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