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Kildegård Privatskole – Website

Responsive web design that supports the brand

Kildegård Privatskole in Hellerup north of Copenhagen is a private school with a strong brand. Its mission is to be a culture-bearing school with proud traditions where the foundation is general education and a high professional standard. BGRAPHIC has developed a website, which operates as a natural part of the branding, and which gives the school a modern and inviting look.

The Danish painter Per Arnoldi’s painting style with blue, yellow and red colours is the cornerstone of the school’s design, and in order to hold on to the school’s spirit and tradition, we have continued this colour scheme in the new webdesign.The colours help give the website character and works well with the photos of students and from the school area.

We have created a solution which fits perfectly for Kildegård Privatskole and which gives students, parents and employees a strong tool which – among other things – is able to pull files from the intranet to the website.

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