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HJORTHs Badehotel – Visual Identity and Website

Design with tradition and lots of renewal – so you'll feel calm and relaxed ... and get tons of energy

BGRAPHIC har designed new logo, visual identity and website for HJORTHs Badehotel in Kandestederne, Skagen – the north end of Denmark.

The seaside hotel is from 1890, and the hotel vision is to make the roots stand out more – to lead the hotel back to its original seaside hotel identity. Leave behind your stressful life and find calm and peace in beautiful nature surroundings.

BGRAPHIC has had this vision in mind in developing logo og visual identity to HJORTHs Badehotel. Furthermore, we have renewed the hotel identity while still respecting the tradition. We have added new design elements and new communication platforms for the guests, for instance social media. The calm feeling and nature are whats important at the website, which we have both designed and programmed.

The website is a more detailed business card. People visiting the website should be able to imagine how a visit to the hotel will be. And it has to be easy to book your stays online. The website is created in both Danish and English, as many guests are from other countries. The site is very image carried in order to focus on the feeling at the hotel and the nature surrounding the hotel, and the colours at the website are in maritime and nature based colours. Developing the structure of the website, we have created an Instagram feed and news at the front page, which ensures that the website is updated frequently. This strengthens the impression for visitors – we will see a dynamic hotel. Furthermore, Google will give the website a higher ranking in Google searches.

Both visual identity and website are developed in close cooperation with HJORTHs Badehotel. Furthermore, BGRAPHIC has uploaded text, photos and other content for the new website.

On a continuing basis, BGRAPHIC works on new projects with HJORTHs – for instance, please check out menus, business cards, welcome leaflet and hotel and room plans below.

HJORTHs Badehotel is a unique place that has our warmest recommendations – either a stay which includes spending the night and eating dinner at the restaurant or simply lunch in the beautiful garden. The atmosphere is simply amazing.

Check out logo, visual identity and website at

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