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Glostrup Hospital – Campaign

Campaign with a twinkle in its eyes

For a while, Glostrup Hospital has been a no-smoking area both inside and outside, but now they want to increase the attention to the smoking ban with a new campaign.

BGRAPHIC has chosen to turn the message upside down by warning people against fresh air – by doing that we have created a different and sensational campaign.

Glostrup Hospital wants to clarify that they are serious about the smoking ban and therefore, the campaign consists of many different element such as façade banners, barricade ribbon, labels, inflatable pillars, posters for lamp posts and slides for information screens.

It has been exciting to be part of a campaign that deals with so many different elements and that makes Glostrup Hospital a first mover within the field of no-smoking outdoors.

Read more about the hospital, which is part of Rigshospitalet, at


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