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Gate 21 – Publication Design

Focus on sustainability at small and medium-sized enterprises

Gate 21 is a partnership between regions, municipalities, enterprises and knowledge institutes in Greater Copenhagen. Focus is on developing and deploying energy and resource-efficient solutions which further green transition and growth.

Sustainable bottom line is one of Gate 21’s projects, where 100 small and medium-sized enterprises work on their green transition. They have developed a green business model to enhance energy and resource efficiency, which should have a positive result on the bottom line of the enterprises and on meeting UN’s sustainable development goals.

The publication is a final accumulation of experiences and conclusions from the project and the goal is for the publication to inspire more enterprises to focus on reaching a sustainable bottom line.

Based on Gate 21’s visual identity, BGRAPHIC has created a good looking and inspiring publication, which for instance uses cases and infographics to emphasise the conclusions of the project. The publication is used at a conference – and delivered as both a printed version and a clickable PDF for web.

Read more about Gate 21 and their green projects at

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