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Femern A/S – Exhibition Material

Informative and inspiring exhibition material

Femern A/S has a big job: They are to build a tunnel between Denmark and Germany. There is also a communication assignment within this job – communicating information regarding the building process. There are many interested parties in such a huge building project – it’s actually one of the largest building projects ever in Denmark. Luckily, we’re experienced in huge infrastructure assignments in Denmark. Citizens in both countries, who are located close to the building areas, are happy to be kept informed during the building process. Politicians, business people and engineers visit from all over the world to hear about the activities – and for that reason, Femern A/S hosts a lot of conferences, meetings and lectures. These events often take place in Femern’s two info centres: in Rødbyhavn, Lolland and in Burg, Fehmarn.

In cooperation with Femern A/S, BGRAPHIC has developed new exhibition material for both info centres. The topics of the information vary greatly – for instance security, building process, traffic information, tourism and the influence on nature and the environment.

Femern A/S has also invested in a mobile container that can be used to different information events in the local area. It might be when there are news and activities regarding the building process. Femern A/S is great at hosting events and inviting citizens to visit. They offer coffee, cake and the latest information regarding the building process. BGRAPHIC has developed wall sheets for the container – all of which are based on the infographics that helped us win the tender for design assignments for Femern A/S. It’s lovely to see the infographics used in different and relevant ways. Inside the container, you can watch videos regarding the project. And there are wall sheets containing information on archaeological excavations that happened in the beginning of the project. The many findings can be seen at the local museum Lolland-Falster.

BGRAPHIC has designed a variety of conference and fair stands, roll up-banners, posters and other kinds of exhibition material for for instance road shows and employer branding for Femern A/S. All material is designed and developed keeping in mind the specific target audience and event.

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