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EVA – Visual Identity for VIDEN OM

New strong visual identity for VIDEN OM – a series of publications strengthening pedagogy in Denmark

VIDEN OM (knowledge about) is developed by The Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA) for the National Agency for Education and Quality. The aim of the series is to strengthen the pedagogical practice in primary school, high school and college level through a series of themes. Each theme includes a summary of relevant scientific knowledge backed up by physical and digital development tools (games, posters, videos, presentations etc.) for consultants and practitioners.

BGRAPHIC and Ferdio have designed the visual identity for the series, including the logo, a special logo with the title of the theme and an illustration that supports and explains the main points of each theme.

So far, four themes have been published, and EVA already enjoys considerable success using the visual identity to market scientific summaries and tools on social media. In the long run, the visual identity will become a well-known trademark for a specific type of knowledge for specialists and practitioners.

Read more about the VIDEN OM themes at and, and follow Danmarks Evalueringsinstitut on Facebook (in Danish).

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