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EVA – Logo and Identity for a Strengthened Educational Plan

Unifying visual identity for a large project in Danish daycare

“Den styrkede pædagogiske læreplan” (strengthened educational plan) is published by the Ministry for Children and Social Affairs and replaces another plan from 2016.

The main publication explains the law regarding the joined educational foundation and six themes. The strengthened educational plan is published with two tools – a tool for self evaluation and a tool for anchoring process.

Furthermore, in-depth themes have been developed, for instance a theme concerning interaction and relations. This kind of material usually consists of a publication, a PowerPoint, a poster as well as dialogue cards which might help the pedagogical staff when they put the theory into practice.

In cooperation with the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA), BGRAPHIC has been in charge of designing the visual identity and making sure there is a visual connection between all elements – from the logo with the children, typography and colours to the many supportive and drawn icons and illustrations.

Furthermore, we have developed a Word template which each daycare can use when developing their own educational plan.

We continuously create new themes for the project and adjust everything to the visual identity so each theme is connected to the project “Den styrkede pædagogiske læreplan”.


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