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ELVAND – Website

ELVAND's website is plugged in and online

BGRAPHIC has designed the website for certified electrician Torben Vestergaard and his company ELVAND.

ELVAND needs a website, where potential clients can quickly and easily see which services ELVAND has to offer, how to contact ELVAND, and how to quickly book an electrician. The website reflects ELVAND as a professional company, who delivers high levels of service and expertise.

The website is designed as a one-pager solution, so the client is able to see all necessary information on just one page. Furthermore, we have designed a news page, where ELVAND can present all the stories and references that they wish to share with their clients and other interested parties.

Besides the website, BGRAPHIC has designed ELVAND’s visual identity which is presented on for instance stationery, business cards and social media.

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