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DREAM – New visual identity

New design that covers future digital needs

Ideally, a logo design lasts for many years. In 2003, BGRAPHIC developed logo and visual identity for DREAM – Danish Research institute for Economic Analysis and Modelling. And this year – 17 years later – we have developed a new visual identity for the DREAM group. Still using the DREAM logo as a starting point.

In the new graphic style, we are inspired by graphs with projections, since DREAM’s five models for instance illustrate projections for many different social conditions. From nationality to the labour market, housing demands, income distribution etc. The five models are part of the visual identity, each with its own logo and colour. It helps interested parties in recognising and understanding DREAM’s fields of work – while at the same time keeping the well-known design that is important for the company brand.

DREAM has developed several new models through the years, and therefore, they needed a new visual identity to match the company’s communications needs of today. The digital development offers new and advanced ways of communicating. We have designed Word and PowerPoint templates which are great tools for the employees when developing visually inviting reports and presentations with a complex content. The templates ensure uniformity as well as professional communication through the entire company and to the outside world. Furthermore, we have developed the graphic style and icons for DREAM’s other digital platforms such as website, email signature, LinkedIn as well as business card.

It’s wonderful to see that a design lasts for many years – this is always what we aim for, and DREAM is a great example of a succesful case.


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