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DBC – Exhibition Design

Interesting, innovative design – every year!

Every year, the Danish Library Centre (DBC) participates in the Danish Library Association’s summit.

Over the last years, BGRAPHIC has designed a new exhibition stand for DBC every year. Every time with a new focus and new ways of introducing DBC’s field of work and ideas. It is always an interesting assignment – both to follow DBC and their ideas, and to influence the digital development at the Danish libraries.

I 2018, DBC and their partners has presented a “prototype” of a reading compass.

The reading compass is a new digital tool created to ensure great reading experiences. What’s unique about the reading compass is that books are tagged based on their values, such as “scary” and “charming” instead of the common tags such as “crime novel” or “nonfiction”.

The reading compass is user-driven, so the more people help tag books, the better the search results. For this reason, DBC wants to communicate that the reading compass is easy to work with – both when tagging books and when searching for books. And both if you’re a librarian and if you’re looking for books to borrow.

BGRAPHIC has developed the graphic look on the stand and a concept for how to attract the visitors at the Danish Library Association’s summit 2018. The solution is a stand where visitors can help tag books using large magnet speech bubbles – and then they can see the search results from specific taggings.

BGRAPHIC has designed the logo, posters, stand, magnets and leaflet for the reading compass.


Below, you’ll find the design for 2018, and further down the design for the previous years :-)


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