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Danish West Indian Society – Travelling Exhibition

A presentation of Danish history in the Caribbean

Danish West Indian Society is a society for those, who are particularly interested in the former Danish Virgin Islands – either because they are direct descendants of the islanders, or because they have fallen in love with the islands after travelling there. The Society aims to raise awareness of the Danish history regarding these islands – as well to inform and support the interest in the islands. 2017 marks the 100-year anniversary of the sale of the islands to USA for 25 million USD.

BGRAPHIC has designed a travelling exhibition, which is to be displayed all around Denmark. The exhibition – which consists of stand and folders – tells the story of how the islands came to be Danish, what life was like at the islands for Danish newcomers and for the natives, and the reactions to and the events leading up to selling the islands to USA.

Besides the exhibition, we have designed a members’ magazine and a PowerPoint presentation.

Danish West Indian Society addresses an interesting and often neglected part of the history of Denmark, and we are happy to help spread the word.

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