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Danish Health Authority – Material on Hygiene in Child Day Care

Infographic storytelling aims to reduce illness in day care

The Danish Health Authority has published an updated version of their handbook on hygiene in child day care.

The Danish Health Authority wants to create a great narrative to the employees in day-care centres – for instance on how to wash your hands hygienically, how to serve food, and how to ensure great hand hygiene while on day trips with the children.

BGRAPHIC has developed these messages as infographic storytelling, displaying – using graphic elements and short texts – how to achieve the best hygiene. The infographics are included in the updated version of the handbook on hygiene in child day care. Furthermore, they are also used as posters for the day-care centres.

As part of the campaign for the Danish Health Authority, BGRAPHIC has developed three short films in collaboration with Madeclear. The three films deal with the topics arrangement of and cleaning the changing unit, hygiene during a diaper change and washing hands with children. In a friendly and obliging manner, the films show the working processes of the day-care staff that are very important to do right in order to maintain high standards of hygiene.

All information material is based on the visual identity of the Danish Health Authority, where colours and infographic are present in all material.


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