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Danish Health Authority – Manuals on dementia

A design universe that supports the work concerning dementia patients in Denmark

The number of older people with dementia in Denmark is increasing. As part of the National Research Strategy on Dementia 2025, the Danish Health Authority has had a need to develop guidelines and manuals for employees within the dementia field.

BGRAPHIC has – based on the visual identity of the Danish Health Authority – developed a design universe for the dementia manuals, as well as a folder for all the manuals, cards for reflection, illustrations, process diagrams and infographic for animation videos.

Targeted material and focus on the illustrative style
The manuals on dementia are written and designed for employees and managers in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. The aim of the books is to provide the readers with input in their work and ensure great and dignified care for people with dementia, as well as to ensure a consistent, high quality in care across municipalities and regions. New ideas are always conceived on how to work with and create the best possible lives for citizens with dementia, so it’s important to share this knowledge and in that way improve the skills of the nursing staff nationwide.

A total of six manuals have been produced, with topics such as “person-specific care”, “professional management in practice” and “palliative care”. BGRAPHIC’s design brings the different manuals together within a joint style – while at the same time, using colour themes, making sure you can tell them apart. We have developed illustrations which in a simple and discreet way help illustrate the people with dementia, their relatives and the specialists. Additional to the photos in the manuals, the illustrations are also a great way to display the points that might be hard to explain using photos.

Besides the design assignment, we have also been in charge of production and distribution to all municipalities in the country and to a number of events and conferences.

You can also check out the design, the manuals on dementia and the other material on the website of the Danish Health Authority.

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