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Danish Evaluation Institute – Visual Identity

New design creates renewal and updates the brand identity

BGRAPHIC has developed new design on publications, tools and presentations for the Danish Evaluation Institute (EVA).

Behind the design
EVA focuses and targets information to their recipients, and the new design supports this by being flexible – but also stringent, so EVA always appear professional. The aim is for recipients to feel informed and wanting to use the tools, EVA develops.

The new design for EVA is founded on principles from their old design, but has been adjusted to new platforms and the newest Microsoft Office version. As a recipient, you are met with a renewal which delivers all information in a new and inviting manner. And where the correct communication channels are always considered.

Templates and customized design with infographics
BGRAPHIC has developed a report template in Word, so EVA’s employees can publish new publications themselves. This provides more freedom for the employees in the work process – and at the same time it ensures that all publications maintain a uniform and processional design and look.

All other publications are designed professionally at BGRAPHIC, as this way of working offers more possibilities to the content, which ensures the best possible kind of communication for the recipients. In this context, we also design several infographics and illustrations, which can subsequently be published on social media to attract attention to the specific publication.

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