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Danish Agency for Higher Education – Catalogue

Focusing on the psychological working environment

Being a scholar and writing a PhD thesis can be lonely. You are your own boss, the competition for funds is strong, you create your own framework and fight for your own succes. BGRAPHIC has drawn up the design for a catalogue focusing on developing a great psychological working environment for scholars at universities.

We have designed an interesting and well-arranged catalogue in which each theme has a specific colour and each case has its individual expression. At the same time, there is a shared identity and common thread which gives the catalogue a professional look.

Jørgen Stamp has drawn the illustrations, which – with patterns and colours – help explain and visualise the abstract themes concerning a psychological working environment.

The catalogue is a collection of the conclusions reached at a conference held at University of Copenhagen by the Agency for Higher Education and Akademikerne (The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations). Besides sharing the conclusions from the conference, the purpose of the catalogue is to motivate and inspire the academic staff at universities to work on improving the working environment.

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