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Center for Offentlig Innovation – Visual Identity

A logo which emphasises the process

COI, a centre for public sector innovation, has been founded in order to inspire and gather knowledge and in that way modernise and renew the public sector.

The processes of modernisation take place everywhere all the time – and that includes at the individual ministries, and in municipalities and regions. Often, innovation only takes place at the individual institution. The purpose of COI is to gather great experiences and initiatives and in that way hopefully implement the initiatives in other institutions and on a bigger scale, which will improve and develop the Danish society.

BGRAPHIC has drawn up the logo and visual identity for COI. The arrow in the logo emphasises the modernisation process which the centre initiates.

The visual identity is visible on e.g. business cards, reports, banners and a lot of other material, which COI use when spreading their message about innovation.



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