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Center for Offentlig Innovation – Book

Innovative cooperation displayed in new book

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) has published a book that describes the amazing innovation taking place in the Danish public sector.

The book NYT SAMMEN BEDRE (NEW TOGETHER BETTER) contains new knowledge, useful advice and tools as well as many cases about cooperation leading to new and better solutions – that is, succesful innovation – for the benefit of citizens and employers in our society. When it comes to public innovation, it it legal to steal and to be inspired by others’ ideas and activities. If we can help each other optimise processes and systems in order to enhance the efficiency in the public sector, and we can all save time – then we have succeeded.

This is from a review from the Danish magazine Sygeplejersken (the nurse):

“Innovation – the word appears sleep-inducing as it has been used too much and it can mean so many things depending on the speaker. The book, however, quickly turns your mind towards positive connotations. Public innovation is defined, and the content is partly statistics based on information from 2,363 workplaces, partly examples, advice and tools. Furthermore, the book takes a look at cooperation between public workplaces and private companies, citizens, associations and foundations. Four out of five public workplaces are innovative. This is reflected in nursing care, where several finishing exam projects describe cooperation with companies concerning specific ideas and tools. The book is inviting, well-arranged, easy-to-read and makes you want to start being innovative yourself.”

At BGRAPHIC we are proud to be part of the exciting process working on this book. In cooperation with COI, we have developed the concept for the book form, which for instance entails pages to unfold. Furthermore, we have developed the design of the book as well as many infographics, which help illustrate and describe the interesting topics and innovative ideas in the book. It has been a very fun process. As Ebba puts it: “It’s not an everyday occurrence that you get to draw astronauts!”

Furthermore, the infographics from the book are delivered separately so they can be used on COI’s website, PowerPoint presentations and posts on social media.

Read more about COI and innovation in the Danish public sector at

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