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Bech-Bruun – Visual Identity

Visual identity in continuous development

The law firm Bech-Bruun has been a client of BGRAPHIC for many years. Bech-Bruun is the professional partner for many of the biggest companies in Denmark, and therefore it is very important for the company to present itself as serious, modern and credible.

Over the years, BGRAPHIC has drawn up several design programmes for Bech-Bruun. By a continuous development of the company’s visual identity, we ensure that Bech-Bruun appears up-to-date.

The visual identity is present in logo, stationery, advertisements, leaflets and in an advanced PowerPoint template – basically in everything that we have designed for the company.



  • Bech-Bruun – PowerPoint title slide
  • Bech-Bruun – PowerPoint company slide
  • Bech-Bruun – PowerPoint pie chart
  • Bech-Bruun – PowerPoint organisational chart
  • Bech-Bruun – PowerPoint break slide

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