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Agency for Digitisation – Infographic and styleguide for

Design for important public information

At, citizens can find information, self-service and contact information for the official Denmark. Whether you need a new passport, if you are getting married – or divorced, need help concerning student loans, unemployment benefits or pension, all information can be found on 

To ensure that citizens understand the information on the website, infographics, illustrations and icons are developed to complement many of the texts. The infographics help ensure that citizens know how to act concerning a specific topic. The user satisfaction among citizens is expected to rise, and the number of inquiries from citizens should decrease, if citizens are able to find and understand the answers they find on

BGRAPHIC has developed the concept and the design for the infographics. We have created a style guide that explains the design and describes how to respect and work within the design. For now, we have developed 11 infographics. As the website is updated with new content, we develop new infographics on new topics – so more infographics are in the pipeline.

Check out the infographics at

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