When a line needs to embrace an entire population

There’s a lot at stake  when it comes to illustrating for, where citizens in Denmark get access to the country’s government agencies. The illustrations must be accurate because it is legislation that forms the framework and must be explained. Illustrations should give a quick overview and guide citizens in making the right decisions in important situations that we come across throughout our lives.

The illustrations are built up over three layers to form the user journey. In the first layer, the stage is set. For example, I have to move. Second layer. What do I receive from the municipality/state? Third layer. What should I do? What are my options?

The expression needs to reflect Danish qualities
The illustrative expression must relate to all citizens in Denmark. In several items and situations, we need to examine whether there is something cultural in the illustration that may seem exclusive to certain groups of citizens. Should there be an image of a church in the description of a funeral, when many citizens are not members of the Danish national church? Or how should a relationship be portrayed when a modern legally binding relationship can be many constellations?

“An exciting challenge in the project was the character drawing. In certain cases, they needed to be gender neutral, include different ethnicities and appear contemporary in a Danish context.”

Maria Knappe, designer and Illustrator on the project

So, the illustrative common thread is created in balance between the completely simple and anonymous expression and the detailed and descriptive expression that must embrace an entire population.

See more illustrations in our case, Infographics for at the bottom of the case you’ll find examples of other illustrative infographic projects that we have completed for our customers.

13 April 2021