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Public sector innovation spreads across the Nordic region


It is always lovely to see when the fruits of your labour are of use and enjoyment to others. There’s certainly no need to reinvent the wheel.

Within the public sector, employees, citizens and others are often coming up with new, clever solutions to optimise and easen the everyday assignments and struggles of both emplyees and citizens. The innovations include all kinds of topics – to mention a few, there’s a shared bus, robot bicycle stands, voluntary night nurses and LED lights in street lights.

The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation (COI) aims at increasing quality and effectivity in the public sector by means of innovation. It’s about finding innovative solutions – and about sharing, borrowing and adjusting so the same solutions can be used across sectors and fields within the entire public sector.

And now, also across country lines.

The InnovationBarometer goes abroad

COI has developed an InnovationBarometer, which keeps statistics on innovation in the Danish public sector. When the Barometer was presented in 2015, it was the first of its kind in the world.

Now, other countries in the Nordic region have adopted the idea of the InnovationBarometer. Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland are working on their innovation – and on keeping statistics on all the great things they achieve.

BGRAPHIC has developed the design for COI’s visual identity and for the InnovationBarometer. And now, we have also assisted several of the countries in connection with their innovation work and innovation barometers. The other countries have received design that is aligned with their identity and wishes – and furthermore, they use some of the existing design created for COI.

And like that, the design works just like the innovative ideas – it can be shared, borrowed and adjusted :-)

We are happy to see the innovation spread – and very happy to see the same happening for our BGRAPHIC design :-)

Read more about innovation in Norway, IcelandSweden and Finland – as well as in Denmark at the National Centre for Public Sector Innovation.

Can your communication reach new heights?


The answer is yes! Especially if you and your company work together with a design and communication company on a regular basis.

Many advantages with cooperation agreements

When working together on a regular basis, we are able to improve and continuously work on your company’s communication assignments. For instance regarding choice of platforms, your way of communicating and your visual identity.

There are many advantages:

  • We maintain your company’s design and communication on a high level and make sure we are updated on your work in order to give you the best advice regarding your communication performance.
  • We know each other and your way of working – which enables a strong and effective teamwork.
  • Vi can place an inhouse graphic designer with you, which enables you to finish assignments effectively from day to day – and sometimes by the hour.
  • We know your other suppliers and can work closely together with them.
  • We can create an attractive cooperation agreement making sure you save both time and money.

Knowing each other well is the key to great teamwork

When we know you and your company well, we have an easy time seeing and understanding your wishes for your communication.

We are updated on you and ready to help you out – both in regards to your communication and your visual identity on each assignment.

We are able to work on day-to-day assignments to make sure your posts on social media or your presentations for a meeting or a conference are just as professional as your other material. And that both posts and presentations indicate the way you want to appear as a company.

All this creates a strong foundation for designing on a high level that works for your entire company – and where we are able to continue to optimise and develop the design and contents for your digital tools, for instance on your website or in your PowerPoint presentations.


We adjust our workflow based on your needs

When we know the way you work, both internally and with external partners, we are able to adjust our workflow to this.

Combined, our graphic designers have many competences, and we always put our different competences in play – when and where they are needed.

We also have the possibility of having employees present at your office a couple of hours a week or one or more days a week, depending on your needs. This gives us the opportunity to offer our services and help to your entire organisation. This might relieve the communication manager or department of many smaller assignments, and it might make the road faster and more direct on larger, more complex assignments.


We have the general knowledge with you – on assignments and on your identity

Last but not least – if the project is to succeed – a business partner needs to be able to organise everything with your other suppliers, when you find it relevant, e.g. when new platforms and functionalities are tested and expertise is required.

That entails that we as your business partner focus on your business – and on your narrative, workflow and projects. Not just on the assignment we have been asked to work on, but in general in order to create a coherence in all your communication. This is the goal of all long lasting cooperations.

If we are your permanent business partner, we can create business deals specifically to you and your company. The deal might be based on a fixed-price deal, or we can send you estimates for each assignment – making sure the financial framework is in order on all assignments. This kind of business deal can be arranged in whatever way works best for you and your business model.

BGRAPHIC has been and is great at maintaining long business cooperations with our clients. We are experienced and have the competences to offer you and your company a solid and long cooperation.

We offer our services on an ongoing basis for e.g. Femern A/S, Vestforbrænding, EVA, The National Centre for Public Sector Innovation, the Danish Association of Consulting Engineers (FRI), Movia, ESPON and FLSmidth.

Check out our cases at

Always power to the girls


BGRAPHIC is supporting the Danish Fundraising for Charity 2019.

We ask all of you to support the fundraising, so we can all strengthen the lives of girls in the world.

Pay up Denmark :-)

Read more about what you can do to support at 

Merry Christmas :-)


We at BGRAPHIC wish all of our clients, business partners, suppliers and other friends of the house a very merry Christmas and a splendid New Year :-)

We’ve had an exciting 2018 with our relocation to beautiful rooms at H. C. Andersens Boulevard – and of course we’ve been busy working on a bunch of great design and communication assignments! And we look forward to even more in the new year :-)

The office is closed between Christmas and New Year, but if you need our help, please give us a call at +45 70 22 87 89.

Jinglebeeeeeeeells from the BGRAPHIC crew <3

Do you get the high quality that your brand and communication needs?


What is good quality? And what is the right quality for you and your company?

High quality should be present in all processes of an assignment: In the performance of tasks, the communication concerning the assignment and in the finished product.

Do you feel like you receive the quality you’re paying for? Are you offered the services you need and are your needs met? Do you obtain the quality that your brand needs, and does your company represent the quality and professionalism that you dream of?

If you can answer no to any of these questions, now is the time to do something about it!

How to get the best quality

  • One of the best pieces of advice in order to ensure high quality is to actively look for quality every day. In every assignment, in all solutions, and on all platforms.
  • You have to always focus on quality: Is the communication effective? Does it reach the right audience? And if not, is it because it’s not of a high enough quality?
  • Quality calls for professionalism, insight, experience and know-how – and experts in areas that is not your own profession. Make sure you get competent advice on your strategy, have professionally developed design and have it implemented.

It’s not just about taste

At BGRAPHIC, we always deliver high quality design. The way we see it, strong design is a powerful tool to make your communication stronger.

Great design strengthens you and your company’s communication. And it’s never static. Your identity should always be developed, optimised, made more efficient, reevaluated, renewed and adjusted – that is the best way to reach your audience and your stakeholders.

Design should simplify, create understanding, support your values and your brand. It’s not just about taste. It’s about quality.

And high quality is not achieved unless you actively look for it. If you are aware of your purchase.

We’re all for high quality

We’re 10 employees at BGRAPHIC, and combined we have approximately 200 years of experience within the fields of graphic design and communication. And we’re happy to be at your service. We can help you define the specific assignment and make sure we reach the finish line – with high quality in all parts of the process.

We help you see, think, communicate and understand the entire process of your assignments. We have the overall vision in mind and make sure you end up with the solution that is best for your brand and your company.

Give us a call at +45 70 22 87 89 – and know that you and your brand are in safe hands.


Focus on integration in new catalogue from VIVE


VIVE – The Danish Center for Social Science Research, is great at bringing attention to interesting topics. Their new inspirational catalogue offers examples of succesful integration both in Denmark and abroad, for instance by means of drama, music and cognitive group therapy. The catalogue is aimed at municipalities and practitioners, who can be inspired to carry out similar integration efforts.

BGRAPHIC has developed the design for a – for VIVE – new publication format: AS5, which works well in print and as a digital publication for e.g. tablet and desktop. With that, BGRAPHIC is at the forefront in developing PDF files that match the new EU demands concerning accessibility. It is always a pleasure to work on design assignments for VIVE.

Have a look at the catalogue and read more at (in Danish)


Strengthen your visual communication using video


Are you presenting something new to your clients? Are you explaining a product or a service? There are many ways to reach your clients – and videos have many advantages.

  • In a short and simple manner, you can catch your user’s attention and explain complicated messages using a combination of text, speak and moving pictures.
  • Short teasers and videos often attract the most attention on social media – they receive many clicks and are shared multiple times. And social media is a great place to meet your clients both within and outside of working hours.
  • Longer presentation videos may be the perfect introduction to your PowerPoint presentation – or a way to introduce your company in a professional manner on your website.
  • You don’t necessarily need to go all in with a video. Small, simple animations are also really effective, and they too can illustrate central points in a great and professional manner.
  • Furthermore, videos can boost your company’s entire communication plan, as they are used on all digital platforms, information screens, exhibition stands etc.

We are here to help you from A to Z

We offer you professional advice on how to reach your communication goals using videos. And we can easily step in and assist wherever you need us to.

Our process might look like this:

  • At a start-up meeting we find the video or animation solution that fits your needs and budget.
  • We develop a visual concept and storyboard. Afterwards, we write the script for subtitles and/or speak in collaboration with you.
  • We develop and design the illustrative universe that fits into your existing visual identity.
  • When it is relevant, we work with talented film photographers or motion graphic designers.
  • We ad speak, subtitles and background music if relevant.
  • Subsequently, we edit and optimise the video to different requirements and to the platforms you wish to use.

And then you have one or more finished videos ready for use :-)

There are many possibilities. We guide you and help you make the right decisions for your brand and visual concept, so you can spread your messages and reach your goals.

Take a look at some examples of videos we have developed for e.g. Movia, Rambøll and the Ministry of Health.

B18 – BGRAPHIC's Birthday!


The sun is shining on this lovely Monday :-) Today BGRAPHIC is a grown-up – Happy Birthday to us :-)

#bgraphicdk18 #hoooooray #adult #grownup #ofage #foreveryoung #bgraphicdk #welovebs #graphicdesign #danishdesign #copenhagen #alwaysreadyfornewassignments

Have a great summer!!


We wish all customers, partners and friends of the house a great summer!

We are back July 30th 🌞

Karoline has finished her apprenticeship in BGRAPHIC

From time to time, we take in apprentices, if we get an especially creative application with an impressive portfolio.

It has been a great pleasure to have sweet and talented Karoline Sofie Bardtrum as an apprentice the past year and a half. She finished her final apprenticeship exam with fine grades and we have sent her on her way with our best recommendations.

We are sure that the next company hiring Karoline will be more than satisfied. And we look forward to having her drop by to show off her new-born in a couple of months.

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