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Karoline has finished her apprenticeship in BGRAPHIC

From time to time, we take in apprentices, if we get an especially creative application with an impressive portfolio.

It has been a great pleasure to have sweet and talented Karoline Sofie Bardtrum as an apprentice the past year and a half. She finished her final apprenticeship exam with fine grades and we have sent her on her way with our best recommendations.

We are sure that the next company hiring Karoline will be more than satisfied. And we look forward to having her drop by to show off her new-born in a couple of months.

BGRAPHIC thanks you for a fantastic housewarming


Dear all you lovely people … clients, collaborators, colleagues, family, friends of the house :-) We thank you so much for a fantastic housewarming :-) It was wonderful to see you all :-) Thank you so much for all the nice presents and all the personal congratulations. Now we are all warmed up for daily use and big business :-)

Love from Birgitte & Kathrine and the BGRAPHIC Crew

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BGRAPHIC Housewarming


Dear clients, partners and friends of the house

You are hereby invited to BGRAPHIC HOUSEWARMING
Thursday, May 31st, 2018 from 15-18

Help us celebrate our new office and fill it with warmth and good vibes!

We look forward to welcoming you at:

H. C. Andersens Boulevard 37, 1. th., 1553 Copenhagen V

Please let us know if you will come before May 24th via or +45 70 22 87 89.

Kind regards,

Birgitte Vestergaard & Kathrine Raunkjær



All the Bs are unpacked, our IT-set up is online and we have relocated our company to a new, great building.

Our new address is H. C. Andersens Boulevard 37, 1553 Copenhagen V, Denmark. Phone +45 70 22 87 89 and personal contact info remains the same.

Friday was the big day for our relocation. We unpacked everything and all computers are now online. We already feel at home at H.C. Andersens Boulevard.

So all the Bs are ready for BUSINESS :-)

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our new office :-)

Best regards, BGRAPHIC

Does your PowerPoint presentation need a makeover?


At BGRAPHIC we make sure that it is easy for you to convey your messages in a visually pleasing way – even when you are on a tight deadline.

Here are our five best tips on how you get an appealing and well-functioning PowerPoint presentation:

1 : Have a PowerPoint template professionally designed

The best basis for effective PowerPoint presentations is a professionally designed template with the corporate visual identity, colour scheme and typography tailored to PowerPoint and included in all slides. It is possible to get very simple templates, where you fill in all content from presentation to presentation or you can have more complex templates with special slides designed to support important themes or messages in your communication.

It is important that your templates are well-functioning tools for your purposes. A good template is unique to your company and covers your needs for communicating with various target groups and stakeholders.

2 : Support your messages with infographics and professional images

A professionally designed infographic, illustration or a great photo can be a powerful tool when communicating your messages. It is even possible to design PowerPoint templates in ways that ensure that tables, diagrams and other information from Excel always is displayed with correct colours and typography.

For other types of infographics with complex messages, such as maps and descriptions of processes or services, it will be most beneficial for you to have these designed professionally, so your information and messages are presented in a visually striking way. Design and infographics must support your identity and brand and at the same time make it possible to use the illustrations across your platforms, programs, website and especially social media. An image library with professional and relevant photos will also be a great help in your daily work.

3 : Use animation and video for a more dynamic presentation

PowerPoint includes a range of opportunities for creating animations, which can help create a more dynamic presentation. From the simple, stepwise revealing of text on the same slide to more complex animations and small film sequences. These naturally require more preparation and often professional help. Video presentations of the company, products, processes etc. can be used by all employees in your company and act as a great ice-breaker in presentations, introducing the company or subject, while you get a sense of your audience.

4 : Break the rhythm

During long presentations it is a great idea to insert short breaks with full-slide photos, quotes or questions for the audience to reflect upon because they give the audience a more varied experience – and you have a break. Ideally, the PowerPoint template should include different types of breaker slides, making it easy for you to insert such breaks with relevant content.

5 : It is time to switch from 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9

16:9 is the new standard size for PowerPoint presentations. The format fits large, wide-screen televisions and new projectors. If you still use PowerPoint presentation templates in 4:3, it is time to have a new template designed, because you cannot simply convert from one aspect ratio to the other without the content being jumbled around or stretched out of proportions.

We are the experts

At BGRAPHIC we are experienced in designing PowerPoint templates, infographics, professional images and videos, which work as effective communication tools, with a unique design for you and your company. Presentations are your dynamic and digital brochures and should strengthen your brand and communication. Call us at +45 70 22 87 89 and lets have a chat about the options and possibilities for you and your company.

See examples of PowerPoint templates we have created for our customers.

Improve communication and save time with Word templates


This guide gives you a short introduction to different types of customised Word templates and how to choose the right ones for your most important communication and marketing material.

Customised Word templates are especially suitable for communication- and marketing material with similar content or structure. Here are the three most important types of customised templates that can be useful for you:

Templates for regular communication

Basic Word templates can be used for stationery such as letters, memos, agendas, minutes, name tags etc. The templates can be designed as simple, easy to use documents that follow the guidelines for your company’s visual identity. It is easy to develop a range of templates for printed and digital materials that you need to be able to produce at a short notice, such as folders, name tags, invitations and programs for events.

Templates for your publications

Word templates are also suitable for larger reports and publications, such as annual reports, CSR-reports, product sheets, catalogues, fact sheets etc. Customised templates can include special content such as text boxes, tables, quotations, infographics and diagrams, which ensure a coherent and professional appearance every time. Content created in Word, Excel or PowerPoint can be used across your programs and platforms. For instance, it is possible to create templates in Excel using the fonts and colours from your corporate visual identity. This way your diagrams will always have the correct styling when copy-pasted to Word or uploaded to your website.

Templates with advanced functionality

Advanced Word templates can be used to expedite or automate routine elements of your customer journey. This can be forms, contracts, tender requests, tenders and other large documents, which need to contain a mix of customised and standardised content. The templates can be optimised with advanced functionality, importing information from databases, legal information, terms and conditions, disclaimers etc., making it an easy tool in your daily work.

The three categories of templates have different strengths and can be used to optimise many processes and communication tasks in your company.

How do you choose the right templates for your important communication tasks?

You should invest in templates that give the greatest positive effect on your company – both regarding quality and efficiency gains. Before you start a template project, you should consider the following questions:

  • What communication and marketing material are the most important strategically or take up the most time?
  • Which of these materials would benefit most from being set up in a Word template? Or standardised to fit within a Word template?
  • How often do you need to update or create new versions of these materials?
  • How advanced templates can you and your colleagues handle?

The simple templates are easy to implement and can be used by all employees, while the more advanced and powerful templates may require employees with advanced Word skills and special training.

At BGRAPHIC we are experts in designing templates for MS Office. We advise you and help you decide which template you actually need and we design templates that are easy to use and support your communication and marketing goals. Give us a call at +45 70 22 87 89 to learn more about Word templates and how you may benefit from them.

See examples of Word templates we have designed for other companies in digital cases.

BGRAPHIC is relocating


It is with great pleasure that we write to inform you, that we will move
to new and more spacious surroundings.

We are moving Friday, March 9, 2018.

Please update your records with our new contact information:

H. C. Andersens Boulevard 37, 1. th.
1553 Copenhagen V

Our phone number is still:

+45 70 22 87 89

Due to our relocation, we will be closed Friday, March 9, 2018.

We expect to be online and ready for new assignments at our new location
Monday morning, March 12, 2018.

We look forward to welcoming you at our new office :-)

Kind regards,
Birgitte Vestergaard & Kathrine Raunkjær

Four pieces of advice on how to get a better and more engaging annual report and CSR-report


1 : Make sure the basics are covered

Logo, layout, infographics and pictures should always be appealing and align with the company’s communication. A professionally designed and produced report increase the likelihood that your important stakeholders will want to read it. If a great first-hand impression is followed up by a good reading experience where storytelling and design strengthen each other, fascinate and arouse curiosity, the stakeholders will automatically read further and remember more.

We would love to spar with you on how to make your annual report or CSR report spread your messages and support the brand personality you want – and help you build an image library with inspiring and beautiful photos that can be used all year on all your communication platforms.

If you need a more simple solution we can also help you design a Word template, that will enable you to add or change content right up till the deadline. See how we did this for KMD.

2 : Decide on a technological level and make the best use of it

Most companies publish annual reports and CSR reports as pdf-files on their websites and only print a limited number of copies. You can use the digital possibilities to create a more engaging reading experience with animations, videos and even audio.

You can also switch to ePub optimized for smaller screens or jump directly to micro websites, enabling you to link directly to specific content from social media, help the readers find the most interesting content for them – and track what people actually read, so you can focus and optimise your communication effort.

The interactive poster we designed for EVA’s annual report 2016 is a great example on how the most important results are presented in an informal and inviting way, combining video presentation, illustrations, interactivity and hyperlinks to in-depth articles on their website.

3 : Identify what you wish to highlight

Are you particularly proud of certain results? This is where most of the visual effort should be put in with specially designed infographics, animations, videos etc., making them extra eye-catching and easy to remember.

For the publication “State of the Nation”, we designed an animated infographic, which catches the eye and highlights the problems with massive loss of water in Denmark.

4 : Consider the annual report as a part of the bigger picture

Annual reports and CSR reports are published once a year :-) At BGRAPHIC we love to advise you on how to get most out of the money you invest in your reports:

In the short term, inspiring infographics and content can be reused to create positive attention on social media and increase the likelihood that your press releases will be picked up by journalists.

In the long run, infographics, pictograms etc. can be used to improve other parts of the corporate communication. Infographics with great results can enjoy a long life on your website, company presentation (e.g. PowerPoint, Prezi, and brochures) and as a part of employer branding.

See examples of infographics and pictograms BGRAPHIC has made for various customers. These can easily be used in various communication- and marketing materials or be parted up in series of smaller infographics suited to social media.


You are always welcome to call us, if you are inspired, want to hear more or wish that we help you optimize your next annual report or CSR report :-)


Read more:

Is it difficult to convince management to prioritise the annual report? Read our four tips on how you convince management to spend money on better communication and design.

Are you considering a micro website? We recommend WordPress, but if you want we can easily produce websites on other platforms.


Congratulations to Sole – 10-year anniversary at BGRAPHIC


From the very start of 2018 we are having a 10th anniversary. Congratulations to Sole :-) 💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰 We thank you for 10 great years at BGRAPHIC 💚💚💚💚💚 We will do 10 more :-) #b10 #anniversary #bgraphidk #congratulations #wearesohappytohaveyou #congratulationstous 🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰💚💚💚💚🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰🇩🇰


Do you want a campaign- or microsite the easy way?


At BGRAPHIC we work with all kinds of website platforms. For campaign- and microsites, we recommend WordPress, because the platform is right in the sweet spot between simple template-based website services and the more expensive enterprise solutions.

  • 28 % of the worlds websites are run on WordPress. It is responsive, easy to install, and has a huge network of programmers, who ensures that the platform is continuously updated and improved.
  • WordPress can be extended with more than 50,000 free or low-cost plugins, which can connect the website with most of your existing systems such as CRM, Google Analytics, signup to newsletter, share buttons, and feeds with newest posts on social media.
  • Furthermore, a range of WordPress plugins makes it easy to work with SEO optimisation, identifying broken links, adding special contact formulas, appointment booking, e-commerce, etc.

Success with WordPress requires careful consideration of requirements, experience in identifying what can be solved with standard plugins and what require special programming – and the ability to create a visually pleasing design that communicate what you need.

Strong campaign- and microsites are characterised by simplicity. It is important that the design support this simplicity and fit within your or your campaign’s overall visual identity: The visitor should quickly be able to scan the information and be directed toward the “call to action” in a proper and convincing way – so you reach your goal, whether it is spreading your message, strengthening your brand or selling your product.

BGRAPHIC is experienced in designing and developing websites in WordPress. We cooperate with highly skilled programmers when needed. Together, we can create all types of websites from small and simple to content-heavy websites featuring e-commerce and other advanced functionalities.

We focus on delivering great design and a good service, so you can concentrate on creating content and following up on the success. No matter which platform you choose, we offer a complete solution, working with you from the first ideas to the launch of your next campaign- or microsite – identifying your needs, carrying out design, project management and production.

Read more about the campaign website we have designed for VIVE or check out some of the WordPress sites, we have made for other companies, such as ELVAND, Basic Rengøring or Elsebeth Nielsen.

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